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French ARGENT (Silver) Leaf

French ARGENT (Silver) Leaf

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Leaf weight: 20g (per 1000 leaves)

Available as loose leaf or transfer leaf. 

One booklet contains 25 silver leaves measuring 80 x 80mm. 

To cover an area of 1m² you will need 6.25 books (156.25 leaves) without wastage or overlapping. 

The amount of waste is determined by the gilder’s own level of expertise and depends on the complexity of the surface being gilded. Areas that area highly carved and intricate will require significantly more leaf than those that are flat (usually double). Please bear this in mind when calculating the area.

The silver leaves contained in the transfer book are inter-leaved with waxed tissue paper, making them ideal for flat surfaces and exterior work. Transfer leaf is easier to handle than loose leaf and reduces wastage. 

Silver leaf is not recommended for any exterior work or interior areas/rooms where it is likely to get damp or wet (e.g. bathrooms). For a non-tarnishing silver finish we recommend using palladium or platinum leaf.

If you require any further information or advice, please call the shop before placing your order.